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Take your photography to another level! Learn photography the easy way! Portraits, fashion, beauty!

If you want to take better photos and learn new skills, this is the right place for you. I can help you with photography basics ( iso, shutter speed, aperture, composition, basic light knowledge, choosing the right lens) or more advanced subjects(flash photography, more in depth lighting knowledge, posing models, etc).
During our lessons we can discuss about your photos and critique them. The lessons can be theoretical but most importantly also practical.

Ik geef les in fotografie, portretfotografie, digitale fotografie, reclamefotografie, modefotografie. Op het niveau van beginner, intermediate, gevorderd, professioneel, ander niveau, kind.
Ik geef les in persoon, bij de leerling thuis.
Ik ben ingelogd deze maand.

Toni's ervaring

I was "raised" in a photographers studio because my father is also a photographer.I wanted to refine my skills a bit more so i did some workshops in Boston, USA.
I have been working as a professional photographer for 7 years. I have shot for big brands in Albania and of course worked at my fathers studio in the meantime.

Toni'S CV

2017: National beauty pageant ‘Miss Shqipëria’ Official Photographer
2016-2017: Event and documentary photographer for Swiss Contact Albania
2016-2017: Head of Photography Department at Ami Event
2015-2017: Multiple photographic services for various companies including
PwC Albania, Fiber, Smartcom and Tirana Bank
2013-2017: Collaboration with one of the Big 3 wedding and event planning agencies in Albania - Ami Event
2014: Miss Shqipëria beauty pageant Official and Tour Photographer
2013: Miss Shqipëria beauty pageant Tour Photographer
2013: Miss Globe beauty pageant Tour Photographer
2012-2017: Part-time helping and assisting at Foto Algo Studio, my family business.
Recent training - New England School of Photography in Boston, MA
2016: Three complementary workshops on topics of interest (duration: 8 weeks)
Photographing People
Photoshop Projects
Philosophy of Vision


2015 - 2017: Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana (Albania)
Master of Professional Studies in Business Informatics
Basic technology, Business informatics methods, Management & Applications
2012 - 2015: Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana (Albania)
Bachelor of Science in Informatics
Programming, Computer systems, Computer networks, Database Design and Implementation, Software Project Management

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Fotografie in de buurt? Hier een selectie van leraren die je kunt bekijken. Superprof kan je ook helpen bij het vinden van lessen in Portretfotografie. Leren is geen probleem meer, Digitale fotografie toegankelijk voor iedereen! Lessen volgen in Reclamefotografie is nog nooit zo makkelijk geweest: je kunt je kennis eindeloos ontwikkelen!

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