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Anna Kristiina
Superprof voor meer dan 2 maanden
Geverifieerd lerarenprofiel
Antwoordt in 24 uur

Finnish tutor, student in Leiden University, the Hague Campus. Can't speak Dutch!

I am willing to teach basics of Finnish, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. If you do not have a class textbook, I can compile my own material, or decide on a suitable book to order for the purpose of learning.

Rates are estimates, they can be negotiated. And the travel rate only applies if it is far enough that I have to take public transportation.

Ik geef les in Fins. Op het niveau van basisschool, VMBO, HAVO, VWO, MBO, wo master, afgestudeerd mbo, volwassenenonderwijs, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, ander taal niveau, beginner, intermediate, gevorderd, kind.
Ik geef les in persoon, bij de leerling thuis.

Anna Kristiina's ervaring

My experience comes from volunteering at the Red Cross, tutoring immigrant children in the HomeworkHelp -club. I taught pupils one by one, or two at a time. However, I am able to adapt to teach a larger group. Ideally, I could teach one or two hours each session, but this could be negotiated.

Anna Kristiina'S CV

-Lived in Finland for 19 years (born and raised)
-I studied Finnish at the level of native speakers, and graduated high school with Finnish as one of my subjects.
-Volunteered at the HomeworkHelp -club

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