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« Perfect! Cristina gave me great lessons. She gave me the confidence to pass... Lees meer »
« Perfect! Cristina gave me great lessons. She gave me the confidence to pass the Toefl exam which I passed. »
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  • Engels
  • Schrijfvaardigheid - Engels
  • Vocabulaire - Engels
  • Examentraining Engels
  • Cambridge First Certificate
  • Cambridge Engels Preliminary
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English lessons, all levels, by fully qualified teacher with 15 years of experience. Having graduated in Cambridge, UK, I have been trained to obtain the best results with my tailor-made lessons. Plea


I don't follow a book, but prepare all the materials to be individually and perfectly tailored to the student's needs. Before the first lesson, I will be in touch with the students to make sure I gather all the information needed: level, type of learner, personality to see which sorts of activities can be more engaging and obtain better and faster results. The vocabulary will be the one used right now, so you don't waste your time learning words none uses anymore. Only relevant, up-to-date lessons to maximize your time and effort.


Dit is de perfecte leraar! Een profiel van goede kwaliteit, een excellent diploma, antwoordt binnen een dag. Cristina plant de eerste les met zorg.


I qualified as a teacher in Cambridge, United Kingdom, fifteen years ago and have had the pleasure to work with every different age and for so many different purposes. The list gives you examples but it is not fully inclusive of everything that I've done:

- Official exam preparation.
- Traveling
- Improving speaking skills.
- Preparing students who were moving overseas going to live abroad.
- Intensive one to one courses.
- Revising for those who had to resit exams.
- Training teachers-to-be
- Support of children who were slower in class
- Business English

All levels, all ages. Both individual, group lessons and online.

References are available upon request from my previous students.


Reiskosten : 3€
Tarief voor lessen via de webcam : 25€/u


Travelling costs might be higher if more than 20 kms away from Utrecht.

Lessen aangeboden door Cristina
In een groep
De lessen vinden plaats
Bij de leraar thuis
Bij jou thuis
Onderwezen onderwerpen
  • Engels
  • Schrijfvaardigheid - Engels
  • Vocabulaire - Engels
  • Examentraining Engels
  • Cambridge First Certificate
  • Cambridge Engels Preliminary
  • Alle niveaus

Cristina's achtergrond

My qualifications
- Bachelor's degree in Teaching English as a Foreign language and English literature obtained in 2003.
- Teaching training awarded by the prestigious University of Granada, obtained in 2004.
- Cambridge University proficiency diploma, obtained in 2009.
- Master's degree in Executive Italian (B2) obtained in 2011.
- Teaching English to Younger learners course obtained in 2017.
My experience
- One year working in Spain in a private school, teaching students from 4 to adults plus Cambridge university exams preparations.
- Running my own webpage to teach students of all ages, both one-to-one or small groups. I taught Spanish for specific purposes.
- One year at LSF English school in Cambridge, teaching Spanish for small groups of adults.
- Preparing Spanish students for the Spanish A-levels in English.
- Training of future teachers.

De 21 beoordelingen over Cristina
  • 4.9/5

Al onze beoordelingen zijn verzameld door ons en zijn 100% betrouwbaar. Ze komen overeen met echte ervaringen van leerlingen van de leraar.

Perfect! Cristina gave me great lessons. She gave me the confidence to pass the Toefl exam which I passed.

Reactie van Cristina

Really hard-working, motivated and focused. Well done for passing your examination, you'll be a great teacher! Your hard work has paid off!


Perfect! Wow! Cristina, thank you for the tricks for learning. Cristina is very patient, friendly and you learn very quickly with her. I can't believe how much I learned in 2 lessons, and how much I will learn in the next lessons.
If you have to choose a teacher, definitely go for her!


Perfect! I am currently taking lessons with Christina. She is awesome! She is not only a good, funny and passioned teacher, but also a highly educated person with vast knowledge of many other languages and cultures. She can combine the reality with the knowledge that lies in the papers (because she does not use books)! By not using books you have the opportunity to search for the information and try to link it with something else that you have already learnt. In my country this is the highest way of studying and for that I am really grateful that she is my teacher!

Reactie van Cristina

What can I say about her? she is super witty, funny and intelligent. She will get very far! As far as she wants.

15 aanbevelingen


I've always loved Italy and their language. I took an Italian course with Cristina to be able to communicate with the locals when I travel on my holidays. Really useful and fun! Now I enjoy my holidays even more!


I learn Spanish with Christina. It's always a pleasure. She is flexible, always good prepared and has a good sense of humor. You can ask her whatever you want and she will prepare the lesson in accordance with your needs. It is very important for me as I am a teacher as well and it is quite difficult to please me :)


Cristina is a great teacher ! She's very patient, the explanations are very clear and I've learned a lot.

Interview met Cristina

VRAAG 01 | 08
Praat je deze taal vloeiend door je afkomst of omdat iemand jou deze taal heeft geleerd?
Cristina — I speak Spanish as my mother tongue, English because I've lived half of my life in England and did my degree in English literature and TEFL, and Italian because it is a beautiful language, Tuscany is my most favourite place in the world and I was smitten! I completed a Masters in Italian language, it makes me really proud of myself.
VRAAG 02 | 08
Citeer een levend, historisch of fictief persoon die, volgens jou, hét symbool is dat de desbetreffende cultuur vertegenwoordigt!
Cristina — Michelangelo's David! Pure beauty and perfection, it shows what you can make of a block of marble if you put your work, effort and mind into it!
VRAAG 03 | 08
Is er in deze taal een woord, uitdrukking, traditie of typisch soort gedrag dat je bijzonder of leuk vindt?
Cristina — Because I teach three languages, I'd have to say three different things, right?
For English: "it's alright". It is the best way to remain impartial, politically correct and quintessentially English at all times.
For Spanish: Fiesta. Why not, party! there is only one life! And if you do party, make sure it is Spanish style.
For Italian: Principessa. Princess! What a beautiful word! I love it. We need beautiful words in this (sometimes) not so beautiful world.
VRAAG 04 | 08
Waarom is het belangrijk om deze taal te spreken, of het nou vanuit een academisch, professioneel of meer persoonlijk oogpunt is?
Cristina — For English, because as a lingua franca it opens the door to so many possibilities, new worlds, new people, new adventures, apart from the work possibilities. For Spanish, apart from being beautiful, it is spoken in wonderful countries and you can communicate with the locals. As for Italian, you might pick up lots of girls if you are a man, you might get the boys at your feet if you are a woman, or alternatively, you can learn a Latin language that will make your life easier should you wish you continue learning some others from the same roots.
VRAAG 05 | 08
Wat is het lastigst aan deze taal waar het nemen van lessen bij kan helpen?
Cristina — For English, it must be pronounciation vs spelling. For Italian and Spanish, definitely the vast amount of verbs, but practice makes perfect, and mastering a language is never boring, if you really want to learn it.
VRAAG 06 | 08
Kun je ons een leuke anecdote vertellen die te maken heeft met jouw beroep of jouw eigen schooltijd?
Cristina — Fortunately I've got many, but I am particularly fond of this anecdote back in 2010. I was teaching in a private language school, evening lessons. I had this group of teenagers, I had just turned 29 at the time, and we had a great connection. At the end of the school year, my students bought me beautiful presents. When the parents came to collect their final results, they told me they had never seen their children buying presents for anyone so happily and excited. Then they told me that if I was not going to continue teaching for the next school year, then my students had said they didn't want to continue studying. It was me or none. Awww, how sweet.
Years later, we are still Facebook friends and they have become great young men and women, studying their degrees and enjoying life.
VRAAG 07 | 08
Help ons je een beetje beter te leren kennen door ons te vertellen over enkele reizen die je gemaakt hebt.
Cristina — My last trip consisted of 5 weeks in three different countries: UAE, Thailand and Cambodia. Going from Dubai to Bangkok is mind-blowing. We visited Thailand all over, taking internal flights to make the most of our time. We bathed elephants, fed them, visited thousands of temples, went snorkelling for the first time ever, used the maniac tuc-tucs, took pictures that could make it to the National Geographic, etc. In Cambodia I saw still the aftermath of war, and how people are trying to rebuild everything and offer us their home country as our temporary home. They were really welcoming and friendly. Angkor Wat was fascinating, put it in your bucket list or must-do (or as you wish to call it) if you haven't seen it yet. Wonderful experience, unforgettable.
VRAAG 08 | 08
Wat maakt jou een Superprof, naast het feit dat je je kunt uitdrukken in verschillende talen?
Cristina — I think I have always been a prof, anyway. I was born for this! Purely vocational. I remember teaching my dolls when I was around six or seven. I love this job, I've even done it for free. If you don't have the passion for this job, just don't even bother trying to pretend. You either have it or don't. The love for teaching is something that you cannot fake!

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Bij de leraar thuis Bij jou thuis Online (via webcam)
1 uur 25€ 28€ 25€
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